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How do I copy the Web address of a help topic?

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How do I copy the Web address of a help topic?


In the online (HTML) help, the address bar displays the IP address (URL) of the help file, not the URL of the specific topic (because of the frames). If you right-click the topic in the TOC, you can copy the link to the topic. In Internet Explorer, if you right-click within the topic, then click Properties, you can copy the URL of the topic. The URL displays only the topic, without the table of contents, which might be sufficient. The procedure below describes how to send a topic's URL with the table of contents displayed.

To copy a topic URL that includes the table of contents

  1. Open the topic, then do one of the following:
    • In Firefox, right-click in the frame, then click This Frame > Open Frame in New Tab.       
    • In Safari, right-click in the frame, then click Open Frame in New Tab.       
    • In Internet Explorer:
      1. Right-click within the topic (the right frame), then click Properties.
      2. Highlight the URL for the topic, right-click the selection, click Copy, and then close the Properties dialog box.
      3. db_properties_topiclink.gif

      4. Right-click in the address bar of your browser, click Paste, and then press ENTER.

    The topic displays, but not the table of contents (TOC).


  2. To display the contents pane, click Show. The URL will update in the address bar and the Contents will appear to the left of the topic.
  3. illust_showtoc.gif

  4. Copy the URL from the address bar to paste into an e-mail or document.

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