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Changing a User Password on AD/LDAP Sites

Karla Marsh


  • EFT Server versions 5.2.5 -



Can I turn on/off the Change Password feature for AD users in the Web Transfer Client?


The "Forgot password" feature is not available for AD/LDAP users.

Active Directory (AD) and LDAP Site users can change their AD password through the Web Transfer Client (WTC).

In v8.x, add the property below to the AdvancedProperties.json file. Refer to the "Advanced Properties" topic in the help for your version of EFT for details of using Advanced Properties.


 Prior to v8:

See also "Changing and Testing LDAP Authentication Options" in EFT v7.4.13 and later, regarding LDAP over SSL. LDAP over SSL must be enabled to change your password via WTC.

If changing the password is disabled by EFT, the Change Password button is not available. When a user attempts to change the account password, errors are possible. You can customize the error messages by creating text files with the following names and saving them in the EFT installation directory \web\public\EFTClient subdirectory (e.g., C:\Program Files (x86)\Globalscape\EFT Server Enterprise\web\public\EFTClient):
  • Current password is entered incorrectly (PasswordChg_PasswordWrong.txt)
  • Network connection error (PasswordChg_NetworkProblem.txt)
  • User does not have permission by AD to change the password (PasswordChg_Permission.txt)
  • New password does not meet the AD complexity requirements (PasswordChg_PasswordComplexity.txt)
  • Current password is about to expire (PasswordChg_PwdWillExpire.txt)
If the text files identified above do not exist when an error occurs, the default text provided within EFT is presented to the user.
The location of these files can be modified by running the PasswordChg_MsgFileLocation.reg script, which is located in the EFT installation directory Client subdirectory. You must first edit the PasswordChg_MsgFileLocation.reg script to specify the new location.
The WTC change password capability can be turned on/off through the PasswordChg_NTADLDAP registry key. By default, the password change ability is "off."
  • If you have enabled the "User must change password at next logon" feature in AD, you must enable (set to "on") the string below.
  • If you have enabled the "User cannot change password" feature in AD, users will not be able to change their passwords.
In v6.2 - 7.4.13, two registry scripts are provided to enable/disable the password change feature. These registry scripts are located in the EFT installation directory \web\public\EFTClient subdirectory.
  • PasswordChg_NTADLDAP_On.reg
  • PasswordChg_NTADLDAP_Off.reg
NOTE: This is a STRING, not a DWORD. Use "on" (1 or true) or "off" (0 or false) only.

For the changes to take effect, after running the scripts you must restart the service.

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