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EFT Arcus Features

Karla Marsh
EFT Arcus


  • EFT v8.1 and later


EFT Arcus with FTP is the base product. Everything else is optional and requires a separate license. If you need a feature that is not available in your instance of EFT Arcus, contact Support for assistance.

EFT Arcus includes the Enhanced File Transfer server with FTP.

The following Event Rule features are available without a module:

  • Connection Events (all)
  • File Server Events (all)
  • Server Events (all)
  • Site Events (all)
  • "IF" and "Else" Conditions
  • Backup and Cleanup Actions
  • Flow: Stop Processing Action
  • Flow: Variable Action
  • Protocol: Email Action
  • System: Backup Action
  • System: Cleanup Action

The following features require a module to be licensed and registered:

For example, if you need to upload files, you must register the FTC module. If you want to upload a file on a schedule, you need to register the FTC module and the Timer module.

Enterprise Actions Module (EAM)

  • Compression Action
  • CSV: Export to Dataset Action
  • CSV: Import from Dataset Action
  • File: Operation Action
  • Flow: Subroutine Action
  • Folder: Operation Action
  • Loop: Break Action
  • Loop: Dataset Action
  • Protocol: Listing to Dataset Action
  • Event Rule Subroutine Event
  • REST Invocation Event

File Transfer Client Module (FTC)

  • Protocol: Download Action
  • Protocol: Synchronize Action
  • Protocol: Upload Action

Folder Monitor Module (FMM)

  • Folder Monitor Event

Timer Event Module (TEM)

  • Scheduler Timer Event

OpenPGP Module (PGP)

  • OpenPGP Actions (Encrypt, Decrypt, Sign, Verify, SDA)

Cloud Object Monitor (CMM)

  • Cloud Object Monitor Event
  • Cloud: Download Action
  • Cloud: REST/Web Services Action
  • Cloud: Upload Action
  • Offload Secrets to cloud

AS2 Module (AS2)

  • AS2 Events

Workspaces Module (WSM)

  • Workspaces Events

EFT On-Premises Features not Available in EFT Arcus

EFT Arcus is installed in the cloud; therefore, certain features are unavailable for security reasons. For example: You cannot have a server administrator account that can browse the file system or change server settings. You cannot use Content Integrity Control (a core feature in EFT on-premises) to scan files for AV/DLP issues, because you would have to connect to an external ICAP server. (Instead, Azure provides Microsoft Windows Defender.)

Below is a summary of the EFT features that are not available in EFT Arcus.

  • Accelerate file transfers
  • Active Directory (AD) authentication and ACLs
  • Active-passive clustering failover for high availability
  • Auditing internal metrics to local database
  • Auditing to Oracle database
  • Batch account management
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) (real-time visibility, dashboard, and analytics)
  • COM API programmatic administration
  • Content Integrity Control (File Scan Action)
  • Create custom reports
  • Custom commands
  • Customizable HTTP error messages
  • DMZ Gateway (securely proxy transfers through the DMZ)
  • Encrypted Folders (Azure provides folder encryption called ADE, Azure Disk Encryption)
  • Execute a process as part of a workflow
  • Folder monitor above Site root
  • Generate GDPR report
  • HTTP to HTTPS auto-redirect
  • Import/export event rules
  • Invoke event rules over Web Services/SOAP
  • Install on virtual machines
  • Multifactor authentication via email (available for Site admin only)
  • NTLM authentication (local system accounts)
  • ODBC data source for user authentication
  • One-click backup and restore
  • Override VFS credentials
  • Perform actions to multiple accounts simultaneously (Batch account management)
  • Run PowerShell script in event rules
  • Secrets module
  • Server admin account
  • Silent installation (unattended setup)
  • Virtual folders (mapped to network shares)
  • Windows' Streaming repository encryption (EFS)


Advanced Workflow Actions Not Available in EFT Arcus

  • Active Directory
  • AS2
  • BASIC Script
  • Computer
  • Dialog
  • DLL
  • Environment Variables
  • Event Log
  • Excel
  • Exchange
  • MSMQ
  • Network
  • PowerShell
  • Printer
  • Processes
  • Registry
  • Run
  • Services
  • SNMP
  • Terminal
  • Type
  • VMware Guest
  • VM Operations
  • WM


EFT Arcus Constraints

The following constraints should be considered when deciding whether to deploy EFT Arcus instead of EFT on premises.

  • Each EFT Arcus instance is one server with up to 3 sites; adding or removing sites can be requested via Support ticket. (EFT on premises can have up to 10 sites per server object, and up to 10 server objects.)

  • Creating, removing, updating, or deleting administrator accounts can only be requested via Support ticket. (EFT on premises allows you to create multiple administrators.)

  • The site root path and Site names are fixed (EFT on premises allows you to change paths and names.)

  • Windows File Explorer or UNC path via SMB do not provide direct access to the site root (EFT on premises allows you direct access to the site root.)

  • Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway for EFT on premises is not available for EFT Arcus.

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