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​Updated: Wednesday, September 6th, 2023

We commit to completing the VDI service rollout no later than Friday, August 25th. We will update this article with our progress Wednesday, August 16th.

We are 95% Complete. We are still on track to completing the roll out August 25th.

We are please to announce the rollout has been complete.

The Fortra Arcus team is pleased to share an update on the new remote administration service. Over the past month, we have been working to design, test and implement our most secure administration service yet. We have partnered with Microsoft to add MFA and additional resiliency.

It is well known that the MFT industry has been the target of nefarious actors and organized groups working outside of the law. To combat this, we work with well-known security researchers to scrutinize and expose potential security defects. We also review our own infrastructure in the cloud on an ongoing basis and have remediated certain technologies to align with our high standards. We are currently designing a new solution with the latest technologies while working with the requirements of the Arcus EFT application.

We are so excited to share our progress on this groundbreaking project! We are using Azure’s VDI solution, which allows us to compartmentalize, be on the latest, most secure technology, and offer MFA.

Since our decision to upgrade the administration service, we have had people designing the IaC (Infrastructure as Code) along with cloud engineers performing Click-OPs. We are proud to announce we are ready to use the IaC for even faster deployments. We are a third of the way through deploying the service and estimate the remaining two-thirds to be significantly faster. In the coming days, we are committed to offering dates of when to expect completion of the whole project.

​Arcus will discontinue the use of the Administration Console from personal computers officially during the release of Arcus 8.1. There is a deprecation period in effect where no new IPs will be whitelisted on top of the existing IPs.

The Fortra Arcus team

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