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Assigning an SSL Certificate to an EFT Arcus Site

Karla Marsh
EFT Arcus


  • EFT Arcus, all versions


For security reasons, EFT Arcus administrators are Site-level administrators. You cannot browse the EFT Arcus server. Therefore, you cannot browse the EFT Arcus image, nor can you save files to the EFT  Arcus image. (This allows your EFT Arcus server to be updated without affecting your files, certificates, and so on.)

An SSL Certificate is necessary for FTPS, HTTPS, and AS2 connections. After you create or obtain an SSL certificate, you can assign the certificate to one or more Sites. To upload your certificate and key, you will need to know the SSL Certificate and key’s physical path in which they were uploaded. This can be obtained by copying the "EFTFileShareHost” from the EFT Site Root path and then appending “\gsbshare\Config_static<Certificate or key file name>”.

where <EFTFileShareHostname> is the name of file share location into which you upload the certificate files to the Web Transfer Client. (Note that Configure it not available.)

Upload your existing SSL Certificate and key to EFT Arcus

  1. Log in to the EFT Web Transfer Client (or use an SFTP client, such as CuteFTP) with your EFT Arcus Management Site user account credentials.
  2. In My Files, navigate to the /ArcusManagementVFS/Certs path.
  3. Upload your SSL Certificate (certificate and key).

To assign a certificate that you have created or obtained to an EFT Site
  1. Go to, and connect to the EFT administration interface using the Arcus Management Template.
  2. In the EFT administration interface, click the Server tab.
  3. Click the Site you want to configure.
  4. In the right pane, click the Connections tab.
  5. In the SSL certificate settings area, click Configure. The SSL Certificate Settings dialog box appears.