EFT Arcus Features


  • EFT v8.1 and later


EFT Arcus with FTP is the base product. Everything else is optional and requires a separate license. If you need a feature that is not available in your instance of EFT Arcus, contact Support for assistance.

EFT Arcus includes Enhanced File Transfer with FTP. The following modules can be added to/ licensed on EFT Arcus.

  • SFTP Server
  • FTPS Server
  • HTTPS Server (includes Web client)
  • AS2 Client/Server
  • Enterprise Actions
  • OpenPGP Actions
  • File Transfer Client
  • Cloud Connector Actions
  • Folder Monitor
  • Timer Event Module
  • Advanced Workflow Engine
  • Audit & Reporting
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Advanced Authentication Modes

EFT On-Premises Features not Available in EFT Arcus

EFT Arcus is installed in the cloud; therefore, certain features are unavailable for security reasons. For example: You cannot have a server administrator account that can browse the file system or change server settings. You cannot use Content Integrity Control (a core feature in EFT on-premises) to scan files for AV/DLP issues, because you would have to connect to an external ICAP server. (Instead, Azure provides Microsoft Windows Defender.)

Below is a summary of the EFT features that are not available in EFT Arcus.

  • Accelerate file transfers

  • Active Directory (AD) authentication and ACLs

  • Active-passive clustering failover for high availability

  • Auditing internal metrics to local database

  • Auditing to Oracle database

  • Batch account management

  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) (real-time visibility, dashboard, and analytics)

  • COM API programmatic administration

  • Content Integrity Control (File Scan Action) 

  • Create custom reports

  • Custom commands

  • Customizable HTTP error messages

  • DMZ Gateway (securely proxy transfers through the DMZ)

  • Encrypted Folders (Azure provides folder encryption called ADE, Azure Disk Encryption) 

  • Execute a process as part of a workflow

  • Folder monitor above Site root

  • Gather metadata in upload forms

  • Generate GDPR report

  • HTTP to HTTPS auto-redirect

  • Import/export event rules

  • Invoke event rules over Web Services/SOAP

  • Install on virtual machines

  • Multifactor authentication via email (available for Site admin only)

  • NTLM authentication (local system accounts)

  • ODBC data source for user authentication

  • One-click backup and restore

  • Override VFS credentials

  • Perform actions to multiple accounts simultaneously (Batch account management)


  • Run PowerShell script in event rules

  • Secure forms 

  • Secrets module

  • Server admin account

  • Silent installation (unattended setup)

  • Use upload forms to gather metadata in Workspaces

  • View sent and received message history in Workspaces

  • Virtual folders (mapped to network shares)

  • Windows' Streaming repository encryption (EFS)


Advanced Workflow Actions Not Available in EFT Arcus

  • Active Directory

  • AS2

  • BASIC Script

  • Computer

  • Dialog

  • DLL

  • Environment Variables

  • Event Log

  • Excel

  • Exchange

  • MSMQ

  • Network

  • PowerShell

  • Printer

  • Processes

  • Registry

  • Run

  • Services

  • SNMP

  • Terminal

  • Type

  • VMware Guest

  • VM Operations

  • WMI


EFT Arcus Constraints

The following constraints should be considered when deciding whether to deploy EFT Arcus instead of EFT on premises.

  • Each EFT Arcus instance is one server with up to 3 sites; adding or removing sites can be requested via Support ticket. (EFT on premises can have up to 10 sites per server object, and up to 10 server objects.)

  • Creating, removing, updating, or deleting administrator accounts can only be requested via Support ticket. (EFT on premises allows you to create multiple administrators.)

  • The site root path and Site names are fixed (EFT on premises allows you to change paths and names.)

  • Windows File Explorer or UNC path via SMB do not provide direct access to the site root (EFT on premises allows you direct access to the site root.)

  • Clearswift Secure ICAP Gateway for EFT on premises is not available for EFT Arcus.