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Upgrading from v7 to v8: WTC - Workspaces Customizations

Karla Marsh
EFT Express (SMB) & Enterprise


  • EFT, v7.4.x and later
  • Refer to the EFT v8 help installed with EFT for more information about upgrading and customizations in v8.


When upgrading from EFT v7.4.x to v8.x, does it keep my customizations?


Going from v7.4.x to v8 is a MAJOR upgrade and EFT does NOT retain any WTC customizations between major upgrades. Going from 8.x to 8.y we should retain customizations, provided they are done in an approved manner.

Customizations done by clients are not officially supported by Globalscape, as we have no say in how they were done or whether those observed best practices. Customizations done by our Professional Services team on behalf of clients ARE officially supported, and if M&S is current, we would ensure those still work, even between minor or MAJOR version upgrades, even if that means redoing those customizations.

NOTE: Any branding performed by Professional Services is delivered “AS IS” once approved by the customer, there is no M&S on branding; therefore they will need to pay ProServices after an upgrade to rebrand. Branding is typically included in quick starts, upgrades, and migrations services, and we have a SKU specifically for branding, Basically client must pay every time a consultant will work on their branding. See below from our SOW:

“Branding deliverables are designed and guaranteed to work for a unique and specific EFT version and browser; branding work is not guaranteed to be compatible with newer EFT or browsers versions. The client must validate and test the branding deliverables before any EFT upgrade. Any work requested to correct, upgrade/fix branding for newer versions are out of the scope of this SOW and requires additional Professional Services branding services.”

Custom work: In cases where we do hacks or custom work, we do offer an additional M&S on the custom work (not regular product M&S) which is typically 50% of the value of the customizations, which will guarantee the hacks/custom work is functional with newer versions of EFT.

Refer to for more information about upgrading EFT from v7.x to 8.x.

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