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Updating the Oracle JRE for DMZ Gateway

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How do I update the Java JRE that was installed with DMZ Gateway?


The procedure is provided below.


Since Oracle announced that public (free) JRE updates are no longer available for commercial or production environments as of January 2019. DMZ Gateway v3.5.0.23 installs with the last "free" version, v1.8.0_202. We have made updates to DMZ Gateway, but have not updated the JRE past 1.8.0_202.

If you want to update the JRE used in DMZ Gateway, you can purchase a license from Oracle or download another Java product such as OpenJDK. The procedure for Oracle's JRE replacement is described below. Be sure to read instructions on the website from which you download a new JRE in case there are updating/replacing differences that you need to be aware of.

Globalscape will still support DMZ Gateway, but is unable to extend support to a version of the JRE not included with the product, should a defect or incompatibility related issue be traced back to the JRE as the root cause. Contact the provider of that version of the JRE for support.

Updating the Oracle JRE for DMZ Gateway®

Disclaimer: You are responsible for the Oracle JRE licensing obligations. Following is the procedure for updating the Oracle JRE for DMZ Gateway if you want to continue with Oracle JRE.

Windows x86 32-bit and 64 bit

  1. Make a backup of your current “..\GlobalSCAPE\DMZ Gateway” folder.
  2. Download the archive for the desired version of JRE for your OS from Oracle at Please note that the location of these archives may have changed since this document was last updated.
  3. Unzip the archive and extract the folder to “..\GlobalSCAPE\DMZ Gateway\bin\” (usually present under “C:\Program Files\” )
  4. Replace with DMZGatewayAdmin.exe
  5. Replace with DMZGatewayServer.exe
  6. Change the references from the old JRE to the new JRE in DMZGatewayAdmin.cfg and DMZGatewayServer.cfg, configuration files. These files are in “..\GlobalSCAPE\DMZ Gateway\conf” folder.

For example, for DMZ 3.5.0 the line in DMZGatewayAdmin.cfg may look like:


This should be changed to something like:


Where JRE1.8.0_202 is the old JRE and JRE1.8.0_251 is the new JRE.

7. Delete the old JRE folder from “..\GlobalSCAPE\DMZ Gateway\bin\”

8. Start the DMZ server and make sure the log files DMZGatewayServerService.log and DMZGatewayAdminLauncher.log under “..\GlobalSCAPE\DMZ Gateway\logs” refer to the new JRE.

If you wish to automate some of this process, a sample batch file called “JRE_replacer.bat” is included below and can be used to execute steps 4 through 6.

Place “JRE_replacer.bat” under “..\GlobalSCAPE\DMZ Gateway\”, make the appropriate substitutions for the versions of the JRE you are working with, open the command prompt or PowerShell as an administrator, and run the script. If everything runs fine you will see a “Thank you” message.

JRE_replacer.bat file

REM Replace "jre1.8.0_202" with the version you are updating from SET _oldJRE=jre1.8.0_202

REM Replace "jre1.8.0_251" with the version you are updating to SET _newJRE=jre1.8.0_251

REM The following replicates steps 4 and 5 from “Updating_DMZ_JRE.doc” copy bin%_newJRE%\bin\java.exe bin%_newJRE%\bin\DMZGatewayAdmin.exe copy bin%_newJRE%\bin\java.exe bin%_newJRE%\bin\DMZGatewayServer.exe

@echo off

REM The following replicates step 6 from “Updating_DMZ_JRE.doc” set "replace=%_oldJRE%" set "replaced=%_newJRE%"

set "source=conf\DMZGatewayAdminLauncher.conf" set "target=conf\DMZGatewayAdminLauncher_temp.conf"

setlocal enableDelayedExpansion ( for /F "tokens=1* delims=:" %%a in ('findstr /N "^" %source%') do ( set "line=%%b" if defined line set "line=!line:%replace%=%replaced%!" echo(!line! ) ) > %target% endlocal

xcopy /y %target% %source% del %target%

set "source=conf\DMZGatewayServerService.conf" set "target=conf\DMZGatewayServerService_temp.conf"

setlocal enableDelayedExpansion ( for /F "tokens=1* delims=:" %%a in ('findstr /N "^" %source%') do ( set "line=%%b" if defined line set "line=!line:%replace%=%replaced%!" echo(!line! ) ) > %target% endlocal

xcopy /y %target% %source% del %target%

echo Thank you, you have successfully upgraded the JRE for DMZ, please make sure to delete old JRE folder from "..\GlobalSCAPE\DMZ Gateway\bin"**

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