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EFT SAML SSO with Salesforce as IDP

Karla Marsh


  • EFT v7.3.3 and later

NOTE: This article provides guidelines for using a third-party tool with EFT. This article is not meant as formal support for that tool, but only as an example of setup options. Contact the third-party seller's support for detailed information about their product. Globalscape is not responsible for any configuration errors involving the third-party tool. 



  • This document describes how to setup and test the EFT SSO feature with Salesforce as the IDP.

Get a salesforce developer account

Get a salesforce Domain and enable for IDP

  • Salesforce does a good job documenting the process for becoming a IDP. Just follow their instructions:
  • When you get to the step where you create your domain be sure to bookmark it. For example Safeforce will create a domain for access to your IDP app such as:
  • Once you've completed the setup your IDP and SSO Settings should look similar to the following:

Slh sso salesforce idp settings.JPG

Slh sso salesforce idp sso settings.JPG

Configure EFT as a SP to the Salesforce IDP

Create Users

  • Create some users in your Salesforce app, similarly create these same users in EFT.
  • When creating your users be sure to set the User License to Salesforce. If you don't then you won't be able to add the user to the SSO permissions group.

Create and add users to the SSO Permissions group

  • In Salesforce go to Manage Users > Permission Sets
  • Create your permission set then click on Manage Assignments and add your users for SSO.

Configure EFT with Salesforce as the IDP Server

Some tips

  • We do not support user provisioning so do not enable this feature when configuring your Salesforce IDP
  • We only support HTTP POST so when configuring your SP and IDP be sure to specify and use the POST endpoint.
  • Make sure your IDP matching attribute matches the attribute search you specify in EFT.
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