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Does EFT support PGP encryption/decryption with EFT encrypted folders?

Karla Marsh
EFT Express (SMB) & Enterprise


  • EFT v8.0.4.32 and later


Does EFT support PGP encryption/decryption with EFT encrypted folders?


Yes, as of EFT v8.0.4.32, EFT supports PGP decryption and encryption of files streamed from the memory buffer instead of from disk. This became possible with the upgrade to the latest /n software PGP (2020) library. The use case for this feature in EFT is to support PGP encryption/decryption within the context of EFT encrypted folders.

Use Case 1:

Files arrive via protocols to EFT encrypted folder. After some indeterminate time, EFT needs to PGP the file and then offload that PGP file to a partner.

Use Case 2:

  1. File is PGPed external to EFT (i.e., by the customer) and then uploaded to an EFT encrypted folder.
  2. EFT writes the file to disk, which is now a double-encrypted file (EFT encrypted (PGP encrypted))
  3. The "On file upload" rule is triggered, which has a PGP decryption action, followed by a copy or move (Upload action in v8.0.5) to LAN folder action.
  4. EFT then (for PGP decryption action):
    1. EFT reads the file from the encrypted folder and decrypts the file into memory.
    2. EFT decrypts the PGP encryption.
    3. EFT writes the file back to disk. Now the file is just EFT encrypted.
  5. Next, (for LAN copy/move action):
    1. EFT reads the file again (decrypts).
    2. EFT offloads the file to the LAN.

    (You can leave out the intermediate write back to disk in step 4 when the next step is an offload action, as shown above.

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