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Unable to Connect to SMTP Server

Karla Marsh


  • EFT, all versions


Unable to connect to the SMTP server. 

When emails are not able to be sent and they reside in queue, where do the queued emails reside? Do they reside in memory? Is there a limit to the number of emails that can reside in queue before it could cause issues?


Assuming the configuration is correct and EFT has been able to connect before, it is likely that there is a network issue.


After you have corrected the configuration or network problem, all of the messages that are queued up will be sent.


The queue is in-memory, and unlimited. The typical size of single email message is small enough (~1KB) that it is safe to queue many thousands of messages.

SMTP Server Settings

The SMTP Server Settings on EFT's SMTP tab are completed automatically when you define them in the Server Setup Wizard during installation. The SMTP Server tab must be properly configured for EFT to send e-mail notifications, including the address for the outgoing mail server, an address for the administrator, and other details described below. SMTP does not support Unicode characters.

The SMTP server settings in EFT should be propagated to the Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) for use in email actions. If you want to change or verify these settings in AWE, refer to Knowledgebase article at

To configure EFT to send email notifications

  1. Click the Server tab in the administration interface and select the server that you want to configure (e.g., Localhost).

  2. In the right pane, click the SMTP tab.

  3. In the SMTP host address box, specify the address of the mail server EFT will use to send outgoing messages. (If you have any trailing spaces in the host address, the address will not resolve. Be sure if you are copying/pasting an address into the dialog box that you are not including any spaces.)

  4. In the Port box, specify the port number at which the mail server accepts messages. The standard is 25.

  5. In the From e-mail address box, type the "From" e-mail address that will appear in e-mail notifications sent by EFT. An error message appears if the e-mail address is not properly formatted.

  6. In the From name box, type the "From" name that will appear in e-mail notifications sent by EFT. "EFT" appears by default.

  7. Do one of the following:

    • If EFT can connect to the mail server without a login, clear the Use SMTP authentication check box.

    • If the mail server requires a user name and password, select the Use SMTP authentication check box, then provide the Username and Password needed to connect to the mail server.

  8. In the Address Book area, click Add to add names and e-mail addresses of recipients of EFT Event notifications. Add only the addresses that you want to receive email notifications. The email addresses will be added automatically to the To box in the Send notification email Action in Event Rules.

  9. To verify your SMTP configuration:

    1. Click Send Test Email.

    2. The Enter Email dialog box appears.

    3. Enter an email address to send to, then click Send.

    4. A confirmation message appears. Click OK to dismiss the message.

    5. Select the Use Implicit TLS check box, if required by your SMTP server.

    If you receive the test email, the SMTP configuration is correct.

  10. Click Apply to save the settings on EFT.

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