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How Does Accelerate Licensing Work?

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  • EFT™, v7.3 and later


How Does Accelerate Licensing Work?


The Accelerate module license is based on concurrent scClient logins. That is, the license isn't per user, but by number users logged in at the same time performing accelerated transfers. Each license can consume up to 6 concurrent Accelerate connections. EFT identifies scClient connections by a unique UserAgent string; based upon a successful login via such a client, EFT creates a cookie-based session for that scClient interacting with EFT.

  • Each such client ties up one available scClient session.

  • During the trial, you are allowed up to 5 concurrent scClient sessions.

  • When licensed, the serial number for the Accelerate module indicates how many concurrent scClient sessions are available.

  • The number of concurrent accelerated transfers is limited by the DEI library, and locked in at DEI license Binding time; our EFT use of DEI doubles the amount of channels in use. So, for example, 128 concurrent accelerated channels on the DEI side means that we can do 64 concurrent accelerated EFT transfers.

  • Each scClient can run up to 6 concurrent tasks (hardcoded). If all of those are Accelerated transfers, then each client can tie up 6 of the available server-side concurrent transfer limit. Thus, if we sold you a license that said “EFT will support up to 50 concurrent accelerated transfers,” then that server can support a limit of 8 scClients performing maximum number of concurrent accelerated transfers (i.e., 8 x 6 = 48).

The Accelerate module is available and fully functional in trial mode for 30 days. After the trial expires, you must provide a serial number to continue using it. (EFT must have access to the Internet to reach our registration server.)

Licensing DMZ Gateway for EFT Enterprise with the Accelerate Module

When licensing DMZ Gateway for EFT Enterprise with the Accelerate module:

  1. Activate DMZ Gateway and the Accelerate module in EFT Enterprise
  2. Install a license file in the DMZ Gateway installation directory 

To activate DMZ Gateway (and the Accelerate module) in EFT Enterprise

  1. Start the administration interface and provide your EFT administrator credentials (created at installation). The Welcome message appears.

  2. Click Enter Serial Number. The Registration Wizard appears.

  3. On the main menu click the product you need to activate and then follow the prompts in the Registration wizard.

To activate DMZ Gateways for EFT Enterprise with the Accelerate module

  1. Provide to your Globalscape point of contact the Listening IP for Acceleration defined in the DMZ Gateway administration interface.

  2. In return, you will receive two files derived from the supplied IP address:

    • DeiLicense.dat

    • FastImpl.dll

  3. On the DMZ Gateway computer, stop the DMZ Gateway server service.

  4. In the \lib folder of the DMZ Gateway installation folder (e.g., C:\Program Files\GlobalSCAPE\DMZ Gateway\lib), replace the file FastImpl.dll with a new version provided by Globalscape.

  5. In the \conf folder of the DMZ Gateway installation folder (e.g., C:\Program Files\GlobalSCAPE\DMZ Gateway\conf), paste your license file (e.g., DeiLicense.dat).

  6. Start the DMZ Gateway server service.

    • DMZ Gateway will log the attempted registration and record its success or failure.

    • Registration is maintained upon upgrade or repair.

    • If the DMZ Gateway's host IP changes, you will need to request a new FastImpl.dll from Globalscape.

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