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Can I create static cookies to use with the Web Transfer Client (WTC)?

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  • EFT Server, version 6.1 and later
    (Does not apply to the HTML 5 version of WTC available in EFT v7.x and later as it does not use the JRE.)


Can I create static cookies to use with the Web Transfer Client (WTC)?


Yes, you can pass static cookie values to the WTC Java applet.

In the EFTWebClient.htm file (e.g., C:\Program Files\Globalscape\EFT Server Enterprise\web\public\EFTClient\wtc\EFTWebClient.htm), you can specify a cookie parameter and a cookie value for each browser type. The cookie references must increment cookiename/cookievalue, cookiename1/cookievalue1, cookiename2/cookievalue2, and so on, and be different from those already used in the file. (You can have up to 16 param/value pairs.)

To specify the cookies

  1. Make a backup copy of EFTWebClient.htm, and then open it in a text editor.
  2. Under "Load applet based on browser type," in a separate section for each browser type, you will find parameters for cookies:
  3. <PARAM NAME = "param5" VALUE="cookiename"> \
    <PARAM NAME = "value5" VALUE="websessionid"> \
    <PARAM NAME = "param6" VALUE="cookievalue"> \
    <PARAM NAME = "value6" VALUE="<%=session_id%>"> \
    <PARAM NAME = "param8" VALUE="cookieoverwrite"> \
    <PARAM NAME = "value8" VALUE="true"> \
    <PARAM NAME = "param15" VALUE="sso_cookies"> \
    <PARAM NAME = "value15" VALUE="<%=sso_cookie%>"> \

  4. Add the appropriate parameters for each browser type, such as:
  5. For Firefox:

    param10 = "cookiename1" \>
    value10 = "testcookie" \
    param11 = "cookievalue1" \
    value11 = "testcookievalue" \

    For Internet Explorer, Chrome, and other browsers :

    <PARAM NAME = "param10" VALUE="cookiename1"> \
    <PARAM NAME = "value10" VALUE="testcookie"> \
    <PARAM NAME = "param11" VALUE="cookievalue1"> \
    <PARAM NAME = "value11" VALUE="testcookievalue"> \

  6. Save the file.
  7. Open the WTC in a browser and log in to verify your changes.

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