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Connecting to ARM from remote administration interface fails

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  • EFT (all versions)
  • Auditing and Reporting Module (ARM)

Connection to ARM fails from the EFT administration interface installed on a separate computer from which the EFT server service is installed.


Possible causes include an incorrect route to the database or the database is unreachable.

The report database address is relative to the administration interface. Therefore, an entry of “localhost” will attempt to connect to the local host computer on which the administration interface is running. You must use the IP address for the system to which you are connecting. Because localhost is the default (when installing the ARM database), this is the most likely cause of not being able to connect. Check the ARM database configuration in the remote EFT Server administration interface.

  1. In the left pane, click the Server node.
  2. In the right pane, verify the following are correct:
    • The connection string and/or IP address is correct and reachable from the computer (meaning the computer can reach the host on which the database resides).
    • The named instance of the database (i.e., Host\[Named Instance]). For example\GlobalSCAPE. You can use a DSN-less connection string in the address field. Simply paste in the correct string instead of providing a username, database name, or password field value. Make sure to test your connection.
    • The database name (EFTDB by default) and username and password (entered during installation or when you created the database). Again, test the connection to verify.

Refer to the help for your version of EFT for more information about database settings and installing/using the administration interface remotely from EFT.

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