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Protect against various forms of DDoS attacks in the Workspaces Drop-Off portal

Karla Marsh


  • EFT v7.4.x and earlier use the registry for advanced properties
  • EFT v8.x and later use the AdvancedProperties file


The following advanced properties are available for EFT to protect against various forms of DDoS attacks in the Workspaces Drop-Off portal.

For EFT v7.4.x and earlier, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ WOW6432Node \GlobalSCAPE Inc.\EFT Server 7.4\ add the DWORD values below. Create the EFT Server 7.4 key if it's not there.

For EFT v8.x and later, add the advanced properties (values names) below to the advancedproperties.json file. Refer for details of adding properties to the AdvancedProperties.json file.

Advanced Property name Default More Information
MaxReCaptchaParallelRequests 30  
MaxReCaptchaRequestTimeoutInSecs 30  
MaxAnonymousAllUploadsSizeInGB 10; 0 = unlimited Drop-Off send and anonymous reply; Site connection limits and banned file types defined at Site level apply, i.e., Max connections from same IP, Max concurrent socket connections. In the odd case where MaxAnonymousAllUploadsSizeInGB is set to a value that is smaller than per message max limit, EFT will encounter the "max all message size limit" returning an appropriate error, and then on service startup or on change of "Per message max limit size," EFT will write to eft.log that there is a conflict: "MaxAnonymousAllUploadsSizeInGB is set to value that is LESS than the maximum allowed message size set under drop-off portal settings."
MaxAnonymousRequests 50 The count of anonymous requests will include all forms of anonymous submissions, including Drop-Off and Reply portals. Also applies to case of anonymous reply. (i.e., where Send portal was used and recipient is anonymous and was granted permission to reply.)

If WTC/Workspaces tries to upload file(s) greater than MaxAnonymousAllUploadsSizeInGB, EFT doesn't allow the upload based on these settings and uploads fail.
The Maximum concurrent socket connections setting does not apply to anonymous connections.

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