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Reading the Event Rules XML files

Karla Marsh


  • EFT v7.2 - 7.4.x

In v8.0.0.38 and later, Event Rules are saved in JSON instead of XML.


EFT version 7.2 -7.4.x provide the ability to export and import Event Rules. The Event Rules are imported and exported as XML files. You can open XML files in any text editor, such as Notepad, a browser, or applications specially made for viewing XML files.

NOTE: EFT does not offer a way to create a report of all of the Event Rules that you have defined. The reports that we have defined in EFT are for activity, not for configuration. If necessary, you can engage Globalscape Professional Services to see if they have a solution for you.

XML is similar to HTML in that they both use a beginning and an ending tag around some text. For example, in HTML, you would see <h2>This is my title</h2> to apply a specific heading format to the text between the tags. In XML, the tags aren't for formatting but for identifying the content between the tags. In Event Rules, the XML tags tell EFT what the Event Rule is supposed to do. For example, in an exported Event Rule, if you see <EventType>FileUploaded</EventType> , that means that this is a "File Uploaded" Event Rule.

XML tags are often grouped together between <item></item> tags. The tags generally have intuitive names. For example, the "Failed Actions" Action needs to know:

  • What type of Failed Action it is: <Type>Stop</Type>
  • What the result of that Failed Action should be: <Result>StopThisRule</Result>
  • Whether it is enabled <Enabled>false</Enabled>.

They are all grouped between <item> tags within the <FailedActions> tags as shown:


As you might imagine, the XML file can get quite lengthy for complicated Event Rules, such as the default "Backup and Cleanup" Event Rule in EFT Enterprise. For that reason, it is not usually recommended that you view or edit the XML files outside of EFT. However, if you want to edit the file before importing it into another EFT, it is important to make backup copies and to understand what it is that you are editing. It's very easy to accidentally delete a closing bracket of a tag or forget to close a tag. After you import an Event Rule, it is very easily edited within the Rule Builder, which is the recommended procedure to avoid errors.

For help regarding importing and exporting Event Rules, refer to "Exporting and Importing Event Rules" in your version of EFT help, or contact Support.

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