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Folder Monitor Rule fails on remote upload

Karla Marsh


  • EFT Server Enterprise, all versions


When an action fails in an Event Rule, the event that triggered the rule must occur again if the Event Rule is to run again. An upload rule can fail when an outage has prevented a successful upload beyond the limit of the configured number of retries. You can configure the Folder Monitor Rule to automatically retry in the event of a failure.

To resolve the issue of failed remote upload:

  1. The Copy/Move action has an "if action FAILED then" section to which you can add one or more actions. Add a Copy/Move action to the if action failed section, and configure it to move the file (use the default %FS.PATH% variable) to a local folder as a temporary holding place for file(s) that failed to upload. (That is, if the file failed to upload the file, the file will be moved to a temporary folder.)

  1. Create a Scheduler (Timer) Event Rule and configure it to repeat periodically, using whatever time frame might be appropriate. Generally every hour should be sufficient. Remember, this should only ever perform any work if an outage has been encountered; if desired, it can be run manually on demand by clicking Run Now in the Rule Editor. Don't set it to run too often—the default of hourly should be plenty.
  2. Add a Copy/Move action to the Timer rule and configure it to move "*" (all files) from the temporary holding folder specified earlier back to the original monitored folder. In this way you will re-trigger the original Folder Monitor Rule, allowing the process to start again.

NOTE: For the Move action that is run if the original upload fails, it may be advisable to prepend the destination file name with a date and/or time stamp if new files added to the directory might share the same name as the previous files. Doing so will prevent the files in the holding folder from being overwritten by any new files that have also failed to be uploaded in the case of a prolonged outage, However, this presumes the file names for this process do not have to be exact/static when they are uploaded to the remote location. If, however, the names have to be exact, then it will require either human intervention to handle the re-triggering of the Folder Monitor or a detailed script. Also, if the same rule is triggered repeatedly by the Timer Rule, and there are multiple failures such as can happen when the outage has not yet been addressed before the timer goes off again, then the date/time stamps will continually be added to the beginning of the file. This means you could end up with several time stamps in front of the file name. This is generally not an issue, but it is something to bear in mind.

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