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GlobalSCAPE EFT Server failed to create folder monitor rules. Error: 80070003

Karla Marsh


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I have a Folder Monitoring rule that will perform an Action when a file is added. I’m getting an error in the Application Event Log each time I enable the Event Rule (e.g., GlobalSCAPE EFT Server failed to create folder monitor rules. Error: 80070003).


The most likely cause of this error is that the drive is a mapped drive. In this case, you would need to use the actual UNC path to which the mapped drive is pointing. The EFT Server service itself is not part of your interactive Windows environment, so it is not aware of any mapped drives.

Points to remember when creating Folder Monitor rules include:

  • To monitor a folder on a network share, supply the full UNC path to the network share. (The format for a UNC path is \\server\share\path\to\directory and is not case-sensitive. For example: \\FileServer2\Share3\WGroups\Network).
  • If the EFT Server service is running under the default “Local System” account, it will not be able to access remote drives. The EFT Server service must be running under an account that has sufficient access to the share and to the files and folders under the share. That is, make sure that the EFT Server Service has sufficient privileges to perform READ operations on the remote share. If you are using the "health check" feature, it must also have WRITE permissions. It is generally recommended tht you set the EFT Server service to run as a domain account or specify an appropriate “run as” account.
  • When monitoring a folder, EFT Server watches for any file being added to, removed from, or renamed in the monitored folder. Moving a file, performing PGP operations, and other actions can trigger the Rule again, resulting in failures. This can be avoided by selecting the Stop processing this rule check box after if action failed then.

For more information about Folder Monitor Event Rules, refer to Monitoring Folders in the EFT Server online help.

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