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Forgetting the Admin Password

Karla Marsh


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I forgot my administrator password. How can I create a new password?


If you cannot remember your password to log in, you can log in with the local administrator account for the computer on which EFT Server/Secure FTP Server is installed. Logging in to the Server with the local administrator account allows you to keep your configuration intact and reset an administrator account password, create a new administrator account, and remove inactive administrator accounts.

When the Server service receives a login message, it first examines internal user accounts for a matching username/password pair. If the login attempt is made locally on the Server computer and the login attempt fails to find a matching login, the Server then attempts to validate whether the supplied login corresponds to valid user account credentials with administrative privileges to the local computer on which the Server is running. If the supplied credentials match a valid administrator account for the local computer on which the Server is running, then the Server allows the login attempt, but only the Server node and the Administration tab appear. None of the sub nodes in the tree (Sites, Templates, Users, etc.) are available.

On the Administration tab, you can create a new Server administrator account, change the password on an existing account, unlock the account, or reset an expired account.

Note: In the unlikely and unsecure chance that the local administrator account does not have a username or password, create a new local administrator account in Windows or edit the existing local administrator account to provide the account with a password, and ensure that the account has local administrator privileges. (On the Windows Control Panel, click User Accounts.) If you cannot create or edit user accounts, you do not have local administrator privileges on the computer and will need to contact your network administrator for assistance. In many cases, you will need to type the domain and the username. For example, if you log in to Windows using soiljmh on the domain of mycompany to log in to the Server, you might need to type mycompany\soiljmh for the username.

Refer to the online help for your version of EFT for details of administrator accounts.

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