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CuteFTP - Automating file transfers using the Transfer Queue

Karla Marsh


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I would like to set up an upload of two different sets of files to two different FTP sites, start the transfer and then have it complete unattended. How can I do that using CuteFTP?


NOTE: This procedure is for "unattended" transfers of multiple files to multiple servers, or frequent transfers of the same files (e.g., a daily report). If you only have a few files to transfer, it is just as easy, if not faster, to just add the files to the transfer queue and then click Tools > Queue > All. You can also configure CuteFTP to automatically log off the server when the transfer is complete, log off of the computer, or even shut down the computer.

You can perform an unattended transfer easily using the capabilities of the CuteFTP Transfer Queue using the following steps:

  1. Start CuteFTP and connect to Site 1.
  2. On the remote side, navigate to the desired remote folder.
  3. On the local side, drag and drop the relevant files into the Queue pane instead of to the remote side. (If you do not see the Queue pane, press ALT + 1 to toggle it on or off.)
  4. Disconnect from Site 1 and connect to Site 2.
  5. Repeat steps 2 and 3.

When you are finished queuing everything up, you can then save the queue to a file, schedule the queue to run later or you can go ahead and start the transfers in the queue immediately. Right-click in the Queue pane for the available options.

When you begin processing the queue, CuteFTP will automatically connect and make the transfers according to how you have them setup in the queue.

If you need more control over your transfers, CuteFTP offers additional automation features and scripting capabilities.

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