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Automating file transfers using CuteFTP Pro

Karla Marsh


  • CuteFTP Pro® (All Versions)
  • CuteFTP v9 and later


You can automate file transfers using CuteFTP in the following ways:

  • You can interact with the Transfer Engine directly using common programming languages such as Visual Basic or in another scripting language supported by the Windows Scripting Host. Or you can create a script using CuteFTP itself. To create a new script file, you need to have some familiarity with programming concepts and ideally, some experience with Visual Basic or Java.  For additional information on using scripts see the help file topic titled Using Scripts to Transfer Files.
  • You can use the Folder Monitor feature, which will automatically upload any new or modified files or folders added to a specific local folder. The upload will occur automatically or you can choose to have the folder checked every n seconds. For additional information see the help file topic titled Monitoring a Local Folder for Changes Using the Folder Monitor Wizard.
  • You can also use the Synchronize Folders tool to automatically make the contents of a remote and local folder exactly the same on a scheduled basis. For example, to upload all new or changed files in a particular folder on the local system from the local system to a remote system set this to Mirror Local which keeps the local folder the same and changes the remote folder to match.  Other mirroring options are also available.  For additional information see the help file topic titled Synchronizing Folders Using the Folder Synchronization Wizard.
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