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We have a potential client that does customer satisfaction surveys by telephone. The company tapes the telephone surveys and sends the audio tapes to transcribers, an expensive and slow process. They want to automate. Do you have a solution?


This is a fairly common problem. Many companies have a need to automate the process of uploading files that are destined for further processing, such as for transcription.

For example, medical transcriptionists often deal with large audio files. Audio tapes or memory cards are often mailed or otherwise physically transported from one location to another causing delays, security concerns and unnecessary expense.

The solution is to transfer the files electronically, usually over the Internet. One problem with doing that is that most Internet transfers are not secure transfers. Transferring encrypted files via email attachment is not practical for large files and may present other security problems as well.

Using CuteFTP Pro in conjunction with EFT Server, sensitive data files can be transferred over the Internet securely, reliably and in an automated fashion.

In a typical configuration, files created or stored locally are uploaded securely using CuteFTP Pro to an account on the remote FTP server where the recipient can use CuteFTP Pro to login and retrieve the file securely.

Using the advanced capabilities found in CuteFTP Pro and Secure FTP Server it's easy to automate this job as well.

For example, the tedious task of connecting and uploading the files to the remote FTP server each time a file is modified or added can be automated.  CuteFTP Pro has a feature named Monitor Local Folders which will automatically upload any new or modified files or folders that are added to a specific local folder. 

On the remote side, once the file is uploaded, Secure FTP Server can be configured to send an email notification to the intended recipient who can then use CuteFTP Pro to login and retrieve the file securely.

The scenario above is a fairly simple illustration of some of the capabilities available when using CuteFTP Pro in conjunction with Secure FTP Server.  Different or more demanding scenarios may be just as easily handled, depending on need.  Much more complex scenarios might be addressed using the scripting capabilities found in both products.

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