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Users have to wait a long time before they can resume an upload



  • EFT Server 
  • Secure FTP Server


Users have to wait a long time before they can resume an upload


If users frequently lose their connection to the Server, resuming an upload may take several minutes.

If you want to allow users with problematic connections to quickly resume broken uploads, you will need to set their accounts to time out quickly.

If users lose their connection to the Server while uploading a file, the portion of the file on the server will remain locked to changes (like a resumed upload) until the server tries to disconnect. Generally, Secure FTP Server will not try to disconnect until nothing has happened for the amount of time set in Enable time out.

The default connection time out value in Enable time out is 600 seconds (ten minutes). It can be set as low and 1 second, and as high as 9999 seconds (almost 3 hours), but a connection time out at 30 seconds or 60 seconds will be less likely to interfere with transfer tasks.

When you set the time out value, you can tell the users the value, and if they have an FTP client that automatically attempts to reconnect and resume the transfer, they can set their client to wait the same amount of time before reconnecting.

For details of setting the timeout value, refer to Disconnecting Users Timeout" in the help documentation.


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