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Using an Event Rule to Execute a Command (Run a Process)

Karla Marsh


  • EFT Server (All Versions)
  • Secure FTP Server (All Versions)


You can configure EFT Server/Secure FTP Server to run executables, batch files, and scripts automatically when specific events occur, called these commands. When the Event Rule is triggered, the Server executes the specified custom command and attributes.

Note: The parameters and paths below are provided as examples; adjust them to suit your configuration.

To execute a Command from the Event Rule system

  1. Create a custom Command. (Refer to the help documentation for the the procedure.)
  2. Create a new Event Rule. (Refer to the help documentation for the the procedure.)
  3. If you need to apply any conditional behavior, click it in the Conditions list.
  4. In the Actions list, click Execute command in folder. The Action is added to the Event in the Rule pane.
  5. In the Rule pane, click select. The Custom Command dialog box appears.
  6. In the Select command list, click the down arrow to select the command.
  7. (Optional) In the Specify command parameters box, include any parameters for the command. For example, type the script name if running a script.
  8. You can also add items in the Available Tags list as parameters. Surround each parameter with percent signs (%parameter%). For example, suppose you want to run a script on a file that was uploaded and triggered the Event Rule. You would type the script name and the tag %FS.FILE.NAME%, as shown below:

    dosomethingwithfile.vbs -file %FS.FILE_NAME%

  9. In Specify command working folder type the path or click the folder icon to specify the folder in which the script or executable resides (e.g., C:\EFTscripts).
  10. Click OK to save the Command.
  11. Click Apply to save the Event Rule.
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