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About Registration Serial Numbers

Activation & Registration

Your registration serial number is a 14-character alphanumeric activation code that will fully activate the software.  It usually starts with the letter "A".  Each registration serial number will only work in the product that was originally purchased or in a minor update to that same product.  Most registration errors can be resolved by simply matching the registration serial number with the product for which the license was originally purchased.

Example 1: A serial number for CuteFTP 5 XP will not activate a copy of CuteFTP 7 Home.

Example 2: A serial number for CuteFTP 7 Home will not activate a copy of CuteFTP 7 Professional.

Example 3: A serial number for CuteFTP 4.0 will activate a copy of CuteFTP 4.2, but will not activate a copy of CuteFTP 5 XP.

Note:  To activate and register successfully, you must be connected to the Internet and have administrator privileges on your computer. If a firewall or proxy server is in use, the network administrator should ensure port 80 is open during the registration and activation process.

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