Subscription Licenses


  • EFT v8.0.2.23 and later


Internet access is a pre-requisite to complete activation and renewal of a subscription license. EFT reaches out to the server at on port 80 to send the registration request, and receive the registration response back. If EFT cannot connect directly, it will attempt to connect via each DMZ Gateway defined (as a proxy) in turn. If that still fails, please contact Support. There is no manual process for subscription licenses at this time. While it attempts to renew, EFT will display warnings upon administrator login, and will log an event to the Windows Event Log. If your organization has a complex process for temporarily opening a port to allow registration, it might also be helpful to create a Scheduled Timer event rule to remind you when renewal is imminent.

A subscription license key can be used to activate EFT and modules.

  • Click Help > Activate [product name], and follow the prompts to active your license(s). (Register the EFT license first.)
  • The Help > About dialog box displays the subscription license type and the subscription term, which is based on the term dates stated in your invoice.
  • Upon the renewal date, EFT will attempt to re-activate the license and, therefore, must have internet access at that time.
    • If there are additional months/years remaining in your term, EFT will successfully renew and start its countdown to the next renewal date.
    • If your subscription has run out, EFT will enter a grace period.  This grace period affords you the time to contact sales and renew your subscription. If EFT successfully renews, the new renewal date appears in the Help > About dialog box.
  • During the grace period, EFT will attempt to renew the subscription every hour, if possible, for about a week, before it finally gives up or succeeds. While it attempts to renew, EFT will display warnings upon administrator login, and will log an event to the Windows Event Log.  If renewal fails, then EFT will be unactivated, where all modules become disabled and all protocol activity will cease.
  • After the grace period runs out (1 week after expiration of subscription), you must deregister and then reregister (activate).
  • If EFT encounters any other problem during renewal (such as inability to reach the registration server), please contact Support. Please have your registration numbers handy, which you can find in the About screen in EFT or your invoice.

​For more information about registration, refer to the topic "Activating the Server" in the EFT help. (In the administration interface, click Help > Help Contents.)

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