Execute Upload/Download Actions in Parallel


  • EFT v7.2.x and later


Setting the advanced property, ExecuteTransferActionsInParallel, to true will "parallelize" copy actions before moving files such to an archive location.

For example, suppose you have three copy actions that execute in parallel if the "If statement" matches. A fourth step, "Write to log" action, requires that EFT wait for all of those copy actions to complete before continuing to this step. Once all copy actions and Windows Event Log action are finished, and the "Stop processing" action completes the transaction.


In this example, we have 3 COPY actions that execute in parallel if the IF statement matches. Because step #4 is a "Write to log" action, we rendezvous all those prior parallel transfers before continuing to this step.  Once all parallel transfers are finished, EFT will process as normal with WEL action, then our logic kicks in to parallelize the next series of transfers (but there is only one, so we can optimize this case into a normal execution), and then the STOP action when the MOVE operation is hit.  The green numbers indicate the sequence of operations that must complete in that order.

One item important to mention is how to handle the situation where one or more of the "if failed" branches of the parallel transfers has a "stop processing this rule". if any of the parallel transfers fails and calls "stop processing," EFT will allow all parallel transfers to finish first, THEN stop processing the rule. This is the correct, intended behavior.

In 7.4.11 - 7.4.13:

Create registry DWORD below in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\GlobalSCAPE Inc.\EFT Server 7.2\.


Default Value: false

In v8 and later:

Add the name:value pair below to the AdvancedProperties.JSON file: