Bypass registration for Workspace Invitee with internal LDAP account


  • EFT v8.0.2.10 and later


Invited guests are usually routed to the registration page. If the invitee domain is considered an internal domain AND the EFT Site is using LDAP or AD, you can specify that invitees can skip registration and use their existing account.

This advanced property specifies which title page to use for Workspace Invitee.

If "InviteeRegistrationRoute" is set to route to "LoginPage," and login page is set to auto-redirect to SAML, then the user is logged on by the IdP, and then routed back to EFT, after which the Workspace will be associated with the account, whether that account already existed, or was JIT created by EFT upon IdP validation. As such, user would be taken directly to the resource.

Add the name:value pair below to the AdvancedProperties.JSON file:


Acceptable values are:

NewAccountPage = register new account

LoginPage = user has an account 

LoginPageForDomainUser = user is a domain user with an account