Can you provide examples of workflows in the Advanced Workflow Engine?


  • EFT v7. and later, using the Advanced Workflow Engine


Aside from the samples installed with EFT, do you have other examples of using the Advanced Workflow Engine?


The Advanced Workflow Engine for EFT uses Automate actions in EFT Workflows, which are then added to EFT Event Rules to automate repetitive or labor-intensive file management activities. The Advanced Workflow Engine help file provides just a few examples to demonstrate how to build workflows.

Additionally, the Automate Bot Store, has listed more than 100 example Workflows, Functions, Arrays, Loops, and so on that work with SQL, AD, Excel, email, JSON, and more. In the Download column, click View to read details of the item, then click Download File if you want to save a zip file of the AML script. The AML script (after you have edited paths, etc., for your environment) can be pasted into the Task Builder in an EFT AWE workflow.

Refer to the online help for your version of EFT for more information.