Can I use EFT and DMZ Gateway on separate networks, remote from each other, across a WAN?


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Can I use EFT and DMZ Gateway remote from each other across a WAN?


Globalscape officially supports a network configuration between EFT and DMZ Gateway in which the physical systems are no more than one network “hop” away with an average network latency no greater than 50ms, with zero percent packet loss, and normal packet flow.

Please note that this does not preclude customers from configuring EFT and DMZ Gateway in different network zones over multiple hops with higher than average latencies, greater than zero packet loss, malformed or re-arranged packets, high amounts of jitter, and so on; however, the officially supported configuration is the one we test in QA, and thus is officially supported under our maintenance and support agreement.

For customer-initiated configurations in which EFT and DMZ Gateway are on networks that are remote from each other, such as over a WAN, Globalscape highly recommends that the EFT to DMZ Gateway Peer Notification Channel (PNC) be configured to use encrypted mode, along with client/server certificate verification.