Specify a whitelist of additional domains and IPs to accept in host header


  • EFT v7.4.11 and later

EFT v8.0 and later store Advanced Properties in a JSON file. When you upgrade to EFT v8, the non-default settings that you have defined in the registry will be added to the Advanced Properties file during upgrade. (Default settings become part of the EFT configuration files.) For more on how to use advanced properties, and for a spreadsheet of the advanced properties, please refer to the "Advanced Properties" topic in the help for your version of EFT.


The domain (host) values in EFT are automatically accepted when included in host headers. This applies to the Server administrator listening IP on the Server > Administration tab, and all of the listening IPs, IP ranges, and host name in the Domain box on the Site's Connections tab. To add additional trusted domain and IPs, you can create a whitelist in the registry that will apply to all Sites and the Server.

To specify a whitelist of additional, trusted domains and IPs that EFT can accept:

In EFT v8 and later:

Add the name:value pair to the AdvancedProperties.JSON file in EFT's \ProgramData\ directory as described in the "Advanced Properties" topic in the online help for your version of EFT.

"AllowedHostHeaderList": globalscape.com,

Value: Site Domain (on the Connections tab), Site listening IPs

In versions prior to v8.0:

Create the following registry setting:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WOW6432Node\GlobalSCAPE Inc.\EFT Server 7.4\


Value name: AllowedHostHeaderList

Default Value: Allowed host header values are:

  • Site Domain (Connections tab)
  • Site listening IPs

Restart Required: yes

Backup/Restore: yes

  • Multiple values should be comma delimited.
  • If you try to connect to an EFT server with a host header that is not on the list, you will see a 404 error.

When a connection is attempted:

  • If the connecting host header value is in the whitelist, the EFT accepts the host header value.
  • If the connecting host header value is not in the whitelist or a known EFT domain/IP value, the connection is denied, EFT logs a warning to let administrator know about the injection attack. e.g:
  • "WARN HTTP- Access denied for unknown header value: 'desktop-7c01b33'"