EFT Site cannot connect to the second DMZ Gateway even though the host name matches


  • EFT Enterprise v 7.4.6 and later

EFT v8.0 and later store Advanced Properties in a JSON file. When you upgrade from EFT v7.4.x to EFT v8, the non-default settings that you have defined in the registry will be added to the Advanced Properties file during upgrade. (Default settings become part of the EFT configuration files.) For a more on how to use advanced properties, and a spreadsheet of the advanced properties, please refer to the "Advanced Properties" topic in the help for your version of EFT.‚ÄčDISCUSSION

If the EFT Site is unable to connect to DMZ Gateway, you may need to override number of DMZ Gateway connection retry attempts before next address resolving.

This issue can occur when you have a second DMZ Gateway defined, such as in a failover cluster configuration.

In EFT v8 and later:

Add the name:value pair to the AdvancedProperties.JSON file in EFT's \ProgramData\ directory as described in the "Advanced Properties" topic in the online help for your version of EFT.

"gw_retryattempts": value

In versions prior to v8.0:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WOW6432Node\GlobalSCAPE Inc.\EFT Server 4.0\EFTClient


Value name: gw_retryattempts

Default Value: 10

Minimum Value: 0

Maximum Value: 4294967295

Cached: no

Backup/Restore: no

(There is no 32-bit version because there is no 32-bit OS supported.)