What is the difference between EFT Event Rules and AWE?


  • EFT™ version 6 and later


What is the difference between EFT Event Rules and AWE?


The EFT Event Rule system is the automation engine in EFT with which you can send email notifications, copy and move files automatically, monitor folder changes, and more than 30 other event triggers and 17 different actions. The Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) is simply another Event Rule Action that can be added to an Event Rule. The AWE Action provides more advanced and more extensive automation that otherwise would be done in EFT using complex scripting.

Here are just a few of the ways that AWE can automate your business processes:

  • AWE can send an email using Event Rules, and included an attachment, such as a report.
  • AWE can “append” information to a file.
  • AWE can write data into reports in a variety of formats and send the reports to stakeholders.
  • AWE is useful for user provisioning, such as setting up accounts in Active Directory, Exchange, etc. 
  • AWE can manage HR onboarding tasks like collecting data from employee paperwork and sending information to payroll.
  • AWE can automate data extraction from unstructured sources, and other database automation tasks

Refer to https://www.globalscape.com/blog/data-transfer-automation-and-managed-file-transfer to read more about automation in EFT.