Configure SafeNet to accept EFT for SAML IDP access


  • EFT v7.3.3 and later
‚Äč NOTE: This article provides guidelines for using a third-party tool with EFT. This article is not meant as formal support for that tool, but only as an example of setup options. Contact the third-party seller's support for detailed information about their product. Globalscape is not responsible for any configuration errors involving the third-party tool.


Below are some points regarding SafeNet's SAML Server:

  • Safenet's IDP is available only in the cloud, there is no locally hosted option. Because of this in order to test against SafeNet we are required to obtain a trial Administrator account on SafeNet's Authentication Server.
  • To get an administrator account contact Gemalto. Gemalto is the vendor for SafeNet.
  • To create your account the Gemalto contact will send you a link to download a Mobile Pass token login account. You will need to download and install the Mobile pass invitation on a server or virtual machine. 
  • Download the mobile pass to obtain your Token and activate your account.
  • Once activated, you will receive a secondary account activation email from Gelmato/SafeNet. Follow the email instructions.
  • Once you have an active account, you will be able to log into the SafeNet Administration account and configure the IDP SAML backend. Safenet uses Shibboleth as their IDP backend.
  • SafeNet SAML IDP Administrator login:
  • Your username is the email address; obtain your password from the MobilePass app you downloaded.

Configure SafeNet to accept EFT for SAML IDP access

  • Log into the SAFENET Authentication Service
  • Navigate to Virtual Servers > [click on the globalscape link] > comms > SAML
  • Click Saml Service Providers link and then click Add.
  • Enter your EFT Machine name for service provider and resource fields.
  • When you click Add, Safenet will alert that it's unable to resolve the URL; click Continue. This is OK if you are testing from internal IPs; the EFT host address will not be resolvable. This isn't an issue since EFT's SP just uses a POST commands to the SafeNet SAML server.
  • Click Continue to accept the risk.
  • EFT is now configured to be an acceptable SP for the SafeNet IDP.

Create SAML Authenticated users

  • On EFT, create a user named test with email address.
  • Next, create a user on the SAML Server named.
  • In the Shortcuts menu, click Create User and then create a user.
  • Click the Assignment tab and search for the user you just created.
  • Check user's link under the User ID column.
  • Create a password for the user by clicking Token's link > Password.
  • Next, add the SAML Server created previously as an active authenticator for user test. Select SAML login ID = UserID.
  • Click on the SAML Services link and click Add.

Configure EFT to use SafeNet as the SSO IDP server

  • Obtain the Safe's Entity ID and endpoint from the Virtual Servers > Comms > SAML Service Providers link.

Configure EFT as follows

Slh eft safenet config.JPG

Log in via SSO

  • Launch WTC and click SSO Sign in.
  • You should be redirected to the SafeNet IDP login page, log in using the user and password you created earlier.
  • Once authenticated you should be redirected to the user's WTC home directory.


SafeNet doesn't provide visibility to server-side logs. The only troubleshooting available is via the Snapshot tab. You can view your SSO login status via the Snapshot > Authentication Activity tab.

Slh safenet auth activity.JPG