Changing the path to the shared configuration folder for EFT with HA


  • EFT v7.0 - v7.4.13.15


In v8.x and later:

You will need to modify the cluster.json file, which is located in the node’s local configuration directory. If your path contains slashes, they will need to be escaped. Below is an example:

The cluster.json file should have an entry similar to "SharedConfigurationPath": "C:\\ProgramData\\First_Share"

If you change this directory from the currently configured path to your new path, EFT should begin to look at this directory once the service is restarted.

In v7.x -, To change the path to the shared configuration folder for an EFT server in HA mode:

  1. Stop the EFT service on all nodes.
  2. On each node, create the registry location referenced below with a string value called “SharedConfigurationPath” with the value of your new file (share) path.
  3. Start the EFT service.
  4. Login to the EFT administration interface and click the Server's High Availability tab to ensure that the HA path has been updated and properly reflects the new path.

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\GlobalSCAPE Inc.\EFT Server 7.0\HA Settings\
String Value: SharedConfigurationPath
Value Data: your file path

The EFT server service will read the key on startup, change EFT's internal configuration, and do some other setup. To avoid doing that every time the server service start up, at the end of this procedure (after you restart the server service), the registry key is deleted. If the service restarts before any configuration changes have been made, the shared configuration path will be reset.​