SAT sendmail throws "server unavialible" error after server reboot


  • EFT Server, v6.x and later, installed on Windows 2008


When the EFT Server service is configured to startup as Automatic (Delayed Start), and an AD or LDAP site requires additional time/delay to complete the user account pull process, it is possible that IIS and SAT will load before the EFT Server service. This can result in any attempt to connect to the SAT sendmail.apsx page throwing the following error:

Error Message


To successfully work around the EFT Server service not being available when IIS loaded the SAT web.config and is not able to connect, create an Event Rule to reset IIS after the EFT Server Site is available, as described below.

  1. On the Site that contains the SAT Settings Template (e.g., EFTAdhoc), create a new Custom Command and name it iisreset.
  2. In the Exe path path, type or paste the path to iisreset.exe: c:\windows\system32\iisreset.exe.
  3. Click Next, and then click Finish. (No parameters are required.)
  4. The new Custom Command should look like the example below:

  5. Next, create a new Event Rule using the Site Started event trigger.
  6. In the Rule Builder pane, add the Execute command in folder Action.
  7. In the Execute command action, click the select link, and then select the iisreset Command that you just created.
  8. Click OK, and then click Apply to save the changes on the server.
  9. The finished Event Rule should look like the example below:

Now when the Site that contains the EFTAdhoc Settings Template is started, it will trigger the Execute command Action and restart the IIS service.