Can I convert an EFT Server certificate to PFX format?


  • EFT Server, version 6.0 and later


Can I convert an EFT Server certificate to PFX format?


In the EFT Server administration interface, you can create an SSL Certificate with a PFX-format Private Key. However, if you want to convert an existing non-PFX certificate to PFX format, you can do so in OpenSSL using the procedure below.

  1. Download the windows OpenSSL command line utility:
  2. Win32 OpenSSL v1.0.0f Light >

    If you have issues installing or running it, check the site There are various C++ libraries that may be necessary.

  3. Verify operation by executing <install dir>OpenSSL\Bin\openssl.exe at a command prompt:
  4. Copy your private key (*.key) and certificate (*.crt) to the /Bin directory. 
  5. Execute the following command to combine the .KEY and CRT files into a PFX:
  6. openssl pkcs12 -export -out certificate.pfx -inkey clientkey.key -in clientcert.crt

  7. When prompted, provide the passphrase for your KEY file and also a new passphrase for the new PFX file.

Refer to Knowledge Base article #10401 - Using OpenSSL to Generate/Convert Keys and Certificates for more information regarding using the OpenSSL command-line tool to generate and convert private keys and public certificates.