Connecting To a Remote Host Using Dmz Gateway As a Proxy


  • EFT Server Enterprise, all versions
  • DMZ Gateway, v3 and later


Most enterprise deployments of EFT Server place DMZ Gateway in the DMZ and EFT Server inside the network, with all inbound connections brokered by the DMZ Gateway. Occasionally it may be necessary for EFT Server’s Event Rules or Advanced Workflow Engine to connect to a remote host that is outside the network and DMZ. Because EFT Server resides within the network (as opposed to in the DMZ), it may be considered a security risk to connect directly from EFT Server to the remote host, and because the DMZ Gateway is already brokering inbound connections, it makes perfect sense to be able to route OUTBOUND connections though the DMZ Gateway, using it as a forward proxy. Fortunately, it is possible to do so both from EFT Server’s Event Rules and from within the Advanced Workflow Engine, when the DMZ Gateway is configured to act as a Socks5 proxy. Refer to the attached PDF for details.