Force use of Web Transfer Client for browser-based uploads (disable use of PTC)


  • EFT Server Enterprisev5.1.1 - v7.4.1.x


Web Transfer Client and Workspaces licensing was removed in version 7.4.2; unlimited WTC licenses are included in the HTTP/S module license. The General tab and the About dialog box will display "unlimited" licenses.

The EFT Web Transfer Client (WTC) uses Client Access Licenses. When a CAL is available, users connecting to EFT with a browser use the WTC (if so enabled). When there are no licenses available, the Plain Text Client (PTC) is presented in the browser instead of the WTC. For those customers who want end users to use only the WTC, there is a registry setting that, when present and set to non-zero, disables the automatic fall back to PTC when all WTC licenses are in use. With this registry setting enabled, if there are no WTC sessions available on the server, then the browser will NOT revert to the PTC; instead, it will display the contents of NoAppletLicenses.htm, which is the message that all licenses are currently in use.

  • Prior to v6.3, NoAppletLicenses.htm is found in: \eftclient\
  • In v6.3 - v8.0.4.x, NoAppletLicenses.htm is found in: \web\public\EFTClient\Account\
  • In v8.0.5, the EFTClient folder was deprecated

The registry setting to turn on the "Use Web Transfer Client Only" feature is:

On 32-bit systems:


On 64-bit systems:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\GlobalSCAPE Inc.\EFT Server 4.0\EFTClient]