EFT Server hangs during multi-part uploads of large files (using COMB command)


  • EFT Server, all versions


EFT Server hangs during multi-part uploads of large files (using COMB command).


Ensure adequate disk space (two times the file being transferred) is available when using the COMB command.


During combination of multiple parts into a single file, EFT Server requires disk space that is approximately two times the size of the file being uploaded using the COMB command.

When EFT Server transfers a file using the COMB command:

  1. EFT Server receives and stores on disk the entire file.
  2. After the COMB command, EFT Server appends the second part, the third part, etc. to the first part. The parts are not deleted until all of them are appended successfully. During this combining operation, EFT Server uses two times the disk space.
  3. After the COMB finishes okay, then all of the parts are deleted. If not (any error) then all of the parts remain on the disk.

For example, if you are uploading a 10 GB file using the COMB command, the complete 10 GB file, PLUS the file split into parts, equals 20 GB. If adequate disk space is not available to perform the operation, the operation will fail.

For more information about the COMB command, refer to "Allowing Multipart Transfers (COMB Command) on the Site" in the online help for your version of EFT.