Reverting to v6.2 Folder Monitor algorithm


  • EFT Server Enterprise version 6.3 and later
  • EFT v4.x to v7.4.x stores advanced properties in the registry.
  • EFT v8.x stores Advanced Properties in a JSON file.
    • When you upgrade from EFT v7.4.x to EFT v8, the non-default settings that you have defined in the registry will be added to the Advanced Properties file during upgrade. (Default settings are part of the EFT configuration files.)
      Please refer to the EFT help for a spreadsheet of advanced properties for your version of EFT.


Starting with EFT Server Enterprise version 6.3, the default Folder Monitor system uses a thread for each Folder Monitor to handle the file event notifications from the Windows operating system. In EFT Server Enterprise versions prior to 6.3, a single IOCP thread receives all file event notifications. The EFT Server Enterprise version 6.3 model is more robust and handles large notification event peaks, but the higher number of threads requires more memory. In cases where large numbers of Folder Monitors Rules are defined, e.g., > 500, the version 6.2.x algorithm may be more appropriate. After adding/changing this registry value, you must restart the Site restart to change the algorithm, because the value is read whenever the entire set of Folder Monitors is created.

Define the following registry value to revert to the version 6.2.x algorithm

On 64-bit systems:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\GlobalSCAPE Inc.\EFT Server 4.0\Config

On 32-bit systems:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\GlobalSCAPE Inc.\EFT Server 4.0\Config

Create DWORD FolderMonitorUseIOCP and set it to 00000001.