Workstations receive an error loading the WTC after upgrading to a new version


  • EFT Server, all versions


Client's workstations receive error loading Web Transfer Client (WTC) after upgrading to new version.


After the update to the new version, the browser cache still contained the old versions of files. There is no way for EFT Server to tell the browser to remove the cached copies of files. Clear the browser's cache of old versions of WTC files and/or configure the browser to not cache. Each browser may have a way of stopping or minimizing the caching of web pages. Using this technique will slow down your web page viewing, and it isn't a perfect solution because some caching may still occur, but it does help. Check your Internet browser's help files for the specifics on how to clear and turn off the cache feature.


Web browsers store copies of pages in the browser cache ("memory") on your computer. By doing this, the page displays faster the next time it is viewed because the browser doesn't have to retrieve it from the web server. However, when an update is made on the website, you might not see it, because the cached page is displayed. Normally, to see the changes on your page, you click the Refresh or Reload button on the browser toolbar or the F5 key on your keyboard. However, in some cases, this simply reloads the page from the cache instead of retrieving it from the web server. For best practices, instruct your end users to clear the browser's cache after an upgrade.