Does the Advanced Workflow Module work with an Oracle database?


  • EFT Server, version 6.0 and later


Does the Advanced Workflow Engine (AWE) module work with an Oracle database?


Oracle is supported on EFT Server Enterprise. As with any other Event Rule Actions, AWE Workflows are audited to the Auditing and Reporting Module (ARM) database and can appear in logs and reports--regardless of the type of database you use*.

For all Event Actions, the following items are audited:

  • Time stamp

  • Site Name

  • Event Name

  • Action Types such as move, copy, OpenPGP, and send e-mail.

  • Action Parameters - These are runtime values passed to the action, not the replacement variables. For AWE workflows, this is the path to the temporary file associated with the workflow executed. This file contains more detailed debug logging if enabled for that particular workflow.

  • Failed Action Flag - This is captured if this action is the result of a FAILURE sequence on a prior action.

  • Action Result Code

  • Result

* For EFT Server to connect to any database, the proper drivers need to be installed on the EFT Server computer. If the right client-side software (drivers) is installed on the EFT Server computer, AWE can make the database connection string to get to that database. Refer to the System Requirements for information about Oracle drivers.