What are FTP.cfg and .aud files used for in EFT Server?


  • EFT v4 - v7.3.3.21


What are FTP.cfg and .aud files used for in EFT Server?


When you create a Site, EFT creates a file called FTP.cfg. FTP.cfg contains a list of all of the users defined on a Site, as well as all of the users' personal information, such as AS2 settings, enabled protocols, e-mail address, home folder, etc. The user lists are organized in the file by Site, so you can have multiple sites with the same account name.

Depending on the type of authentication chosen, EFT also creates an .aud file for the Site (e.g., MySite.aud). Aud files contain information that is not supported by the chosen authentication method, but is used by EFT. For example, LDAP authentication does not use groups, so the .aud file for an LDAP Site contains the list of groups and distribution of users between these groups that are used in EFT. Active Directory authentication uses the methods and properties provided by the AD server, therefore EFT does not need an .aud file for AD-authenticated Sites.