CuteFTP will not start or will hang at the startup splash screen


  • CuteFTP┬« Home version 8.x
  • CuteFTP Pro┬« version 8.x


CuteFTP does not start or hangs at the startup splash screen.


You must configure your anti-virus/firewall software to allow full access for the processes used by CuteFTP:

  • For CuteFTP Home: cuteftp.exe and ftpte.exe, which are found in C:\Program Files\GlobalSCAPE\CuteFTP 8 Home

  • For CuteFTP Prof: cuteftppro.exe and ftpte.exe, which are found in C:\Program Files\GlobalSCAPE\CuteFTP 8 Professional

If you are running BitDefender, follow these steps to configure it to allow full access to CuteFTP:

  1. In  BitDefender, click Advanced View -> Firewall.

  2. In the upper menu, click the Network tab.

  3. Click the current Network Type, on the drop-down menu and select Trusted Local, then set Generic to Yes.

  4. Click the Rules tab, then click Advanced on the lower left side of the BitDefender window, and look for the entry for CuteFTP.

  5. Double click the CutFTP entry to determine whether it is set to Deny. If BitDefender is set to deny CuteFTP, double click the entry and set it to Allow.

  6. Attempt to launch CuteFTP again to see if the issue is corrected.


Internet/Firewall Security software can sometimes prevent CuteFTP from starting. A few users running BitDefender have reported this problem. In other cases, another application or driver installed on Windows can conflict with CuteFTP.

Some users have reported that clearing the log files also improved CuteFTP performance. Refer to Log File Settings for details of how to configure CuteFTP to delete logs and empty the thumbnail cache automatically.