Upload Throttling


  • EFT Server version 5.x and later
  • EFT v4.x to v7.4.x stores advanced properties in the registry.
  • EFT v8.x stores Advanced Properties in a JSON file.
    • When you upgrade from EFT v7.4.x to EFT v8, the non-default settings that you have defined in the registry will be added to the Advanced Properties file during upgrade. (Default settings are part of the EFT configuration files.)

    For a spreadsheet of advanced properties, please refer to "Advanced Properties" in the help for your version of EFT.


"Upload throttling" is when you want to limit a connected client from uploading more than <n> files in <t> seconds. The advanced properties below can be used to do that.

To activate this feature

 In v8.0 and later, add the "name":"value" pair to the advancedproperties.json file as described in the "Advanced Properties" topic in the online help for your version of EFT.

"UploadsPerClient": "10", (the count of uploads allowed in the period)
"UploadsPerClientInterval":"30" (the interval period, in seconds)

In versions prior to v8.0, create the following registry values:

On 32-bit OS:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\GlobalSCAPE Inc.\EFT Server 4.0\Config\]

On a 64-bit OS:

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\GlobalSCAPE Inc.\EFT Server 4.0\Config]

"UploadsPerClient"=dword:00000010 (DWORD value is the count of uploads allowed in the period)

"UploadsPerClientInterval"=dword:00000030 (DWORD value is the interval period, in seconds)

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