When loading TOC file, CuteFTP Home becomes unresponsive and goes offline.


  • CuteFTP® Home versions 8.0.0 thru 8.0.4


When navigating a remote FTP site and entering a folder that contains a Table of Contents (TOC) file (such as index.txt), CuteFTP goes offline and becomes unresponsive.

After a long delay, an error message similar to the following may also be displayed:

STATUS:> Transferring file "/pub/index.txt"...

ERROR:> Child transfer failed.

421 Connection time-out, closing control connection.

ERROR:> Trashed response received.


CuteFTP Home has a new feature named Turbo Mode which automatically uses compression and multipart transfers for the fastest possible throughput.

CuteFTP may improperly attempt to use Turbo Mode when loading the TOC file, causing the behavior described above.  The subsequent error messages are the result of CuteFTP being offline.


The preferred solution is to update CuteFTP to version 8.0.5 or greater.  You can download the most recent release version of CuteFTP from the Replacement Software Download Page.

Alternatively, turn off Turbo Mode for connections to this remote server.

To turn off Turbo Mode:

  1. On the Tools menu click Global Options and then click Transfer.
  2. Clear the Turbo Mode check box and then click OK
  3. Restart CuteFTP and then retry the transfer.  (Important:  The change will not take effect until CuteFTP is restarted.)