Version history and release notes for CuteFTP versions 3.0 to 5 XP.


  • CuteFTP (Home) versions 3.0 through 5.0.4.


CuteFTP 5.0.4 XP (August 2003)


-Uninstall and file storage location (XP logo related)

-"Tip of the Day" contents


-Minor interface bugs

CuteFTP 5.0.3 XP (July 1st, 2003)


Time & usage based registration mechanism

CuteFTP 5.0.2 XP (May 2003)


VMS login buffer overflow

Paste URL buffer overflow

DUN/LAN settings

CuteFTP 5.0.1 XP


Two buffer overflow bugs

CuteFTP 5.0 XP

-XP Logo Compliance

-Designed For Windows XP - OPTIMIZED

-Interface overhaul

-Fixed and added new File Search Engines

-Optimized Connection Logic

-Optimized Navigation Logic

-Optimized Startup Time

-Update many APIs used internally

-Fixed Registration bugs

CuteFTP 4.2.5 Build 10.04.1 Release (October 4, 2001)


Text bleed-through in About Box

Removed browser integration feature

Log font corrected

Minor text and bug fixes

6-1-2001 4.2.4


Registration issues

W2K resources usage bug

Site Manager stability increased (auto-save added)

Win98 crash using KB shortcuts

Small Bookmarks bug

Multi-line response bug in parsing server replies

IE integration issues for non-admin W2K systems

Backup serial info issue

Issue with install freezing

Windows ME Freeze issues

Disappearing Bookmarks problem

Small directory changing issues

Multi-line response from server problem

2-14-2001 4.2.3 Build 2.14.1


Cleaner Windows 2000 install process

Browser integration glitch when uploading

Windows 2000 issues. (Can now run as any user on W2K)

CuteHTML LE printing errors

Site Manager entry corruption issue

2-1-2001 4.2.3


IE 5.5 is required to use the Monitor FTP Links function.


Address & phone number on nag screen

Problem with whitespace in registration process

Confusing overwrite prompt


PASV mode now global default

Auto-Update now disabled by default

12-11-2000 4.2.2

Fixed Windows 2000 memory usage problem

12-8-2000 4.2.1


Windows 2000 memory usage problems, to be resolved shortly.


Fixed & simplified browser integration

Anonymous Quick Connect problem

Connection Wizard site creation

Problem with scheduled transfers & dialog boxes

Paste URL feature


"Prompt for user ID/password when login fails" option

11-17-2000 4.2 Final

Fixed User ID & Password problems after failed anon connect

Fixed network browsing under Win 2K

Removed advertising banners

Added transfer type option under Trasnfer menu

10-26-2000 4.2

Fixed folder download problem with server filtering

Fixed problems with leading/trailing spaces on registration items

Fixed Quick Connect password problem

Fixed scheduling crash when no queue items selected

Fixed text-file extension removal problem

Added "Use default settings" option to site properties

Added FileSearch engine to MP3/File Search

10-4-2000 4.2 Beta


Show raw directory listing option added to log window's right click menu to aid in troubleshooting listing problems.

MVS X server type added that resolves problems experienced connecting to certain MVS servers.

-Bug fixes

Smart Keep Alive not reconnecting upon disconnection - fixed

Browser integration bugs involving FTP link handling in documents - fixed

Macro recording bugs - fixed

9-20-2000 4.2 Beta

Browser integration bugs resolved

9-07-2000 4.2 Beta


Browser Integration.  You can use this feature to have CuteFTP monitor FTP links in your browser and use CuteFTP as the default download manager.  CuteFTP does not have to be running at the time. You can modify Browser Integration specific settings from Edit|Settings|Browser Integration.

INPUT Command. The Advanced INPUT command in CuteFTP 4.2 is located with a right click in the log window. Its purpose is for advanced users to communicate with an FTP site on the lowest possible level. This feature provides the user with more possibilities for FTP file transfers. For example, if you encounter a site with commands different from the usual FTP commands you can use this feature to provide a very low level interface such as to initiate a site-to-site transfer.

Remote/local filter feature enhanced (you can use local & server filtering simultaneously)

Scripting functionality restored

Option to not use socks and other proxy for local addresses option added

Verify file size on download option added (should not be used with some MVS servers)

"Clear all" option added to log window right-click menu

MP3/File Search engine information updated

Prompt added for user ID and password when connection fails anonymously

-Bug fixes

Toolbar will not show up until program is completely open - fixed

Bookmarks not functioning properly - fixed

File listing still visible even after disconnection - fixed

Adding quick connect sites to Site Manager causes program crash - fixed

Sharing violations/program crash when accessing a server in more than one session - fixed

Date display format (in Site Manager history) not using Windows settings - fixed

Scroll buttons under DUN/LAN connection settings not functioning properly - fixed

Monitor clipboard function not properly getting files/crashing IE - fixed

CuteFTP not configured properly for screen readers - fixed

"Confirm file names" checkbox does not stay marked - fixed

"Use AutoRename Scheme" checkbox does not stay marked - fixed

Abnormal termination errors when downloading a file - fixed

Right-click functions causing window resizing problem in Win95- fixed

File transfer problems on VMS sites  - fixed

Scheduled queue not transferring - fixed

Apply button not functioning in edit site dialog - fixed

CuteFTP crashing upon restart after registration - fixed

Right-click shell integration causing windows to resize - fixed

Inaccurate "Out of disk space" error message - fixed

3-14-2000 4.0.19 Final

Remaining known bugs fixed.

2-21-2000 4.0.10 Final Beta Release Notes

-Many tiny remaining bugs fixed

-Some small features added, such as:

-"[] refresh after cancelled transfer" command added under the settings/directory navigation tab (needed to resume a manually stopped transfer)

-When doing a mouseover on various panes you can use the mouse wheel, instead of having to 'click' on the pane to give it the focus.

-When dragging a file to a folder within the same pane, the window will autoscroll if necessary.

-Timestamps added to log for connect and disconnect times.

-Quick connect can now handle multi-format URLs (similar to the Monitor Clipboard and Paste URL function)

-"[]Use REST before APPE" toggle added under settings/advanced (needed to handle resuming on G6 and WarFTP servers, as both of these do not handle the APPE command properly)


2-3-2000 4.0.6 Beta Release Notes

-More small bugs fixed

1-24-2000 4.0.4 Beta Release Notes

-Most all bugs posted for 4.0b have been fixed. If there are any missing or not fixed as stated, then please let me know.

-Re-arranged SM to flow better, buttons on bottom, sites listed alphabetically, etc.

-Many Windows 2000 complianxe issues tested/fixed.


1-14-2000 4.0 Beta Release Notes

*********Features Added*************

-----General Features:

- Smart Keep Alive feature added - Completely customizable "stealth" ping option added to help you keep connected to an FTP site. Options include: time intervals, commands list, auto-reconnect, obtain new IP address and more!

-Auto-update feature - CuteFTP now determines if new version is available and downloads/installs it automatically.

-Log FTP Sessions - Record entire sessions to file; options to update Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

-Rebuilt Quick Connect bar - Faster and easier to use than the old Quick Connect, the new QC is smaller and will auto-hide after connecting to your site.

-Local Bookmarks - Complementary to the existing "Remote Bookmarks", makes it easier to find and use frequently used files and directories.

-Option to check and store a site's "Resume Download" capability. Helps speed up session navigation.

-Additional options added to customize treatment of symbolic links.

-----Firewall and Proxy features:

-SOCKS 4 & 5 Support - CuteFTP now supports these common Firewall types.

-Custom Firewall Dialog - Send specific commands to Firewall for 100% compatibility.

-----Site Manager Changes:

-Redesigned database to allow faster, easier and more secure site configuration. Keeps track of site information better than before.

-Login Dependant Site Manager (NT/2000) - A user who logs in on to your system can't access your CuteFTP or Site Manager. Good for distributed networks.

-Password Protection - Site Manager access can be password protected using an extremely sophisticated encryption algorithm.

-FTP Site Locator - Search all your FTP sites for keywords.

-Access your bookmarks from your the Site Manager - Bookmarks are housed as subsets to your site.

-Export sites to a text file as a URL or full site info in the Site Manager.

-Better import support for old Site Manager databases including those from other FTP clients.

-----Interface Changes:

-Improved User Interface - Revised menus, shortcuts, cleaner menu and dialog design and new Settings configuration make CuteFTP much easier to use.

-Tip of the Day - Provides helpful hints about functionality within CuteFTP.

-User Interface Settings - Many more sound event options added.

-Status bar now shows the cumulative sizes of all files in the queue.

Many bug fixes as well.



11-23-99 3.5 Release Notes

***********Bugs Fixed**********

-In the MP3 Searcher, the Ad Banner can be moved with left mouse button.

10-29-99 3.5 Release Notes

*******Features added**********

-Save Directory Listing feature added. Allows complete listing of files to be saved

to text document.

Numerous bug fixes.

10-21-99 3.5 Beta Release Notes

**********Features Added********

-Disable display of system icons. Greatly speeds up viewing large numbers of files.

-File Scheduling feature expanded to include options after transfers have completed,

adding Wildcards to queues, rescheduling currently Queued files.

-Right-clicking in Log Window allows user to Copy selected text, Copy All text or Input a

Command, similar to using the Custom Commands feature.

-Selecting Manual Registration includes a link to GlobalSCAPE webpage for online registration through a web browser.

***********Bugs Fixed**********

-Numerous bug fixes.

9-28-99 3.3.6 beta release notes

**********Bugs Fixed***********

1. Clipboard monitor bug fixed.

2. When you spawn new session, banner is shown (previous version showed just a black rectangle in this case.)

3. Registration backup bug fixed.

*********FEATURES ADDED*******

4. Registration proxy dialog box remembers settings.

5. You can create local dirs when editing local and remote paths in queue.

9-11-99 3.3.5 beta release notes

*******Features Added*******

-Site to Site Transfers

To transfer files between sites:

1. Open CuteFTP and connect to a site.

2. Either open another session or spawn the current session and connect to a different site.

3. Drag and Drop the file that you want to transfer from the remote window of the first CuteFTP and the remote window of the second CuteFTP.

4. The status bar of both windows will scroll back and forth showing the progress of the transfer.

-ESC key is now a shortcut to the STOP function

-The CuteFTP MP3 and File Finder uses 3rd party search engines. In accordnace with agreements made with the search engines, CuteFTP will display their banner ads during searches. Registering CuteFTP has no effect on these ad banners. You can right-click to move the banner.

-The ability to back up registration and personal info. By copying all the important information (such as registration key information and Site Manager listings) to a floppy disk, users can retain their Site Manager information and Registration status in case CuteFTP has to be reinstalled.

-The MP3 and File Finder now has 8 more search engines to maximize your searching capabilities.

*******Bugs Fixed*******

-CuteFTP remebers the location of the queue window between sessions

-Error message when trying to transfer files that the user doesn't have permission to transfer

-Scheduler doens't activate until any active dialog boxes are closed.

-Edit with CuteHTML now working properly in Win98.

-Fixed a problem with CuteFTP crashing while using the Searcher

-Fixed problem in Searcher that would not allow the searcher to be restored while showing banners.

-Font error with certain fonts not being able to show the 1/2 character.

-Added more room to show the countdown timer for the scheduler.

-Banners are now shown at the top of the screen in the searcher.

-Fixed problem with certain servers not showing the proper amount of files in the remote window.

-Dragging and dropping files no longer starts transferring the queue.

-Bug with percentage indicator showing more then 100% on resuming downloads.


8-20-99 3.3 beta 1 release notes

*******Features Added*******

-Site to Site Transfers

Transfer files from remote server to remote server FXP style. --Notice that not all servers accept this. No progress bar is displayed during an FXP transfer, however CuteFTP shows a 'busy' progress bar on the lower status bar.

-Global Filtering-

Filter results in local and/or remote panes with wild cards AND filter file transfers recursively as well.


New schedule features allows you to schedule current or saved queues for later transfer. It supports various time and date settings and will retain this even after CuteFTP is closed.

-Queue file structure outlined (available in help file). Launch queue from command line using following commands:

Cutftp32.exe QueueFile=[Path to queue file]\queue_file.que

-Copy sites in the site manager.

-Quick Connect saves entries between sessions.

-Can change the number of times to retry DUN connection.

-Full row select in the queue.

-Queue remembers scroll bar placement when updating.

-New browse icons instead of "..."

-Monitor Clipboard takes effect without restarting Cute

-Many menu changes. Mostly layout to make things look nicer.

-Path name prompts for uploading using Shell Integration.

-Added automatic options for after transfers are complete: Do Nothing, Disconnect from site, Disconnect and Close Program, Disconnect from Internet, and Shut Down Computer.

-Activated status bar Help Text.

-New browse option for the local directory using the Edit Queue command.

-Overwrite dialog shows name, size, date, and which directory the file is being transferred from/to.

-Current remote path is shown during the move command.

-Create top level folders in the site manager, as well as being able to hit the return key under the comments field on the advanced tab.

-Support for DESCRIPT.ION files.

-Can turn off auto refresh of the local directory.

-Automatic time out for dialog boxes. The time can be set by the user in FTP/Settings/Option/Prompts.

-Added ability to drag files around in the queue to put them in any order.

-Caching and saving of MP3/File search results.

-Can use Non-printed characters in passwords, i.e. Ctrl characters.

-Warning now tells user that Cute is working when they try to close the program when they are downloading a file.

Fixed Bugs:

-When readjusting the log window it doesn't effect the placement of other windows.

-Only refreshes the local window when a new drive is opened, not when it's selected from the local dropdown box.

-Fixed an infinite loop problem caused by closing Cute when connecting to a site.

-Monitor clipboard is now activated when you click OK. Restarting Cute is no longer required.

-User now gets message stating that a directory can not be created when trying to have a LONG directory tree.

-Now remembers which session has which reconnect options. I.e. if connected to Server 1 won't automatically reconnect to server 2

-Changed the word 'Image' to binary to match ASCII.

-Stopped Cute from trying to reconnect and resend files after a quota limit was received.

-Searcher now remembers its size when closed.

-Fixed OTH banner color problems.

-Fixed renaming of multiple files problem.

-CuteFTP shares the clipboard better (with other clipboard monitoring tools).

-Marco bug that did not get all files was fixed.

-Drag n' Drop transfer takes precedence over rest of items in queue.

-Other bugs not documented.


7-1-99 3.0.2 release notes

-fix for banner dll to not load after user is registered

-fix for multiple file rename

-fix for multiple file chmod

-various tiny bug fixes

6-9-99 3.0 release notes


-Explorer Integration

Drag and drop copy/move from, to, and within CuteFTP panes and from

Windows. Only operation currently not supported is remote to Explorer

drag, and remote to remote file copy (only move supported).

-MP3 and File Search

You can now search for music and other files with the integrated

searcher. Launch it from FTP>CuteFTP MP3 & file search (on menu bar).

Searcher allows for multi-site searches and integrates with the

Persistent Downloading feature.


CuteFTP will now use you RAS/DUN or LAN to connect after a broken

transfer due to session disconnects.

-Auto-Reconnect and Resume Transfers

ALWAYS get the file(s) you were downloading/uploading. Most requested

feature ever. CuteFTP detects for broken transfers, slow transfers, and

power outages, and compensates accordingly.

-Right-Click Shell Integration

Want to upload files and folders right from Windows without seeing

CuteFTP? You can now right click files or folders on your Desktop or

Explorer and then click 'CuteFTP >[site name]'. You can tag various

sites in your Site Manager (edit/advanced screen), or add new ones from

the right-click shell menu Connection Wizard.

-Queue is not Site Dependent

Tag files from multiple sites for later transfer. You can grab files

from various sites, disconnect, shutdown, come back the next day and

still transfer all the files. You can now start a multi-session

transfer, go to bed, and then EXPECT to have the files on your Desktop

in the morning. You can also add files, browse local drives and

rearrange the order of the queue during a transfer.

-More queue changes

Apart from all other queue changes, you can now edit, load, and save the

queue. These commands are located in the Queue menu.

-CuteHTML fully integrated into CuteFTP

You can remote edit single or multiple files with CuteHTML from MULTIPLE

sessions. It remembers where the files are from, and uploads

accordingly. Right click to edit files, then when you are done editing

in CuteHTML, click on File>Save to remote or File>Save all to remote.

-CuteFTP Connection Wizard

Wizard added to help first time users setup their FTP access. Many

default ISPs added, which automatically determines label and ftp

domain. Provides a very intuitive interface.

-Local Pane Combo Box redone

Completely re-written drop down box in local pane.

-Many bug fixes & minor features added

Delete to recycle bin toggle, PASV mode toggle for individual sites,

prompts on errors and disconnects, queue sorting, customizable log font,

text for toolbar buttons, floating toolbar, queue reset, plus others

too numerous to list.

***********OTHER RELEASE NOTES***********

CuteFTP v3.0.27 beta issues and fixes

-Searcher add to queue after deleted from queue problem-FIXED

-Monitor clipoard now supports redirected URLs -ADDED

-Many small bug fixes and features enhancements made -FIXED & OPTIMIZED

CuteFTP v3.0.19 beta issues and fixes

-New registration key system in place -ADDED

-Paste URL now supports address without the ftp:// header -OPTIMIZED

-Paste URL and Monitor Clipboard utilize queue for transfers -OPTIMIZED

-Right-click shell integration multiple CuteFTP> entries bug -FIXED

-Ratio site queue transfers won't disconnect and reconnect (losing credits) if is same site -OPTIMIZED

-Various queue crashes -FIXED

-Stop button works correctly -FIXED

-Many fixes to Searcher -OPTIMIZED & FIXED

-Update searcher option -ADDED

-Many resources changes -OPTIMIZED

-Various queue fixes -OPTIMIZED & FIXED

-Overall, more then 100 small changes to 3.0.19, program is VERY stable.

CuteFTP v3.0.15 beta issues and fixes

-Settings are now stored in registry for better control -OPTIMIZED

-3D progress bar restored -ADDED

-Systray icon shows progress of transfer -ADDED

-Cut, Copy, and Paste added (under Directory menu) - ADDED

-Toggle added to show bytes or kbytes -ADDED

-Shift plus arrow keys select items in queue added -ADDED

-Modifiable user@site command for firewalls -OPTIMIZED

-Some resource changes made -OPTIMIZED

-Ftp:// header supported in Site Manager Edit Screen -FIXED

-Toolbar changes -OPTIMIZED

-Spaces in remote path spawn session problem -FIXED

-Disappearing description field -FIXED

-Some directory names not showing correctly -FIXED

-Directory compare problems -FIXED

-Site Manager now supports delete button -ADDED

-Files with double extensions transferring in wrong mode -FIXED

-0 bytes file overwrite bug -FIXED

-Some macro changes -FIXED

CuteFTP v3.0.11 beta issues and fixes

-Memory and CPU usage problems -FIXED & OPTIMIZED

-CuteFTP won't display files if group name and/or filename are to long -FIXED

-Floating toolbar remaining visible after minimize to systray -FIXED

-Disappearing 'Description' field problem -FIXED

-Download button hot/cold status problem -FIXED

-Enable/Disable Monitor Clipboard not taking effect until restart -FIXED

-Right-click shell integration use causes CuteFTP to forget frame positions -FIXED

-Permission Denied box not always showing properly -FIXED

-Problem with CuteFTP interpreting descriptions as directory names -FIXED

-CuteFTP now tries APPE for resuming uploads, and then REST if APPE fails -OPTIMIZED

-Directory comparison results only adding displayed files to queue problem -FIXED

-Queue now allows you to add files while session is transferring -ADDED

-Browse local directories while transferring queue bug -FIXED

-PASV mode now separate from firewall function, and can be toggled separately from SM/Edit screen -FIXED

-Size and frame positions remembered -FIXED

-Remote to remote drag-drop overwrite confirmation -ADDED

-Spawn session bug fixed. New session ignores queue entries in registry for previous instance -FIXED & OPTIMIZED

CuteFTP v3.0.6 beta issues and fixes

-Kernel32.dll:GetDiskFreeSpaceExA bug -FIXED

-Can't connect dialog now has toggle switch -FIXED

-IP address with leading "0" incorrect parse -FIXED

-File size display in queue when adding multiple files -FIXED

-CuteFTP remains proportional when resizing (long awaited fix) -FIXED

-Resize queue columns now keeps position -FIXED

-CuteFTP remembers aborted download due to power outage -ADDED.

-Open viewer and open html editor dialogs -FIXED

-Setting added to toggle '20 bytes in X seconds' for auto-retry -ADDED

-Reset (right click) any canceled queue items -ADDED