Remote file listing limited to 2000 files


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When viewing a list of files residing on the remote FTP server, the file list is limited to only 2000 files (or less) even though more files are actually present.


The truncated list of files is a restriction imposed by almost all FTP servers.  The remote file list is most commonly limited to 2000 files however it can be much less, even as few as 1000, no matter how many files might actually be there.  It is not a limitation imposed by CuteFTP.  Truncating the list enhances performance since extremely long lists of files tend to take too much time to compile, sort and list.

Some FTP server administrators may be able or willing to increase the number of files listed however performance will suffer as the number increases.  In those situations it may be necessary to increase the relevant timeout values for both the client and for the FTP server significantly and any actions taken should be expected to be much slower than normal. 


Do not store more than 2000 files in any one folder.  If necessary, contact the administrator of the remote FTP server to inquire about listing more files.