Unable to connect to the server


  • CuteFTP Pro® Home, and Lite, all versions


Unable to connect to the server


You might have entered the host address, the user name or the password incorrectly.

To solve connection problems:

  • Check the configuration settings
  • Check the user name, password, and the host address. These should match with the settings of the server you try to connect to.
  • Check the error message in the Log Window. The error message displays the reason for the connection failure.
  • Check Ports 21 and 22. Sometimes these ports are purposefully blocked by a personal firewall.

Note: The Log Window displays the list of all the events and commands executed between the CuteFTP and the server you try to connect to. The error message is displayed in red.

  • If Can't establish data socket message is displayed, then change the PASV mode to PORT mode to connect to your site. Unlike some other FTP clients, CuteFTP uses the more common and secure PASV mode by default.

Refer to the help documentation for your version of CuteFTP for details of changing these settings.